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Chilluminati Member #142

Stephany Walsh, Austin TX

โ€œMy boyfriend is a libertarian and is into 420. I was looking for shirts for him on multiple sites but couldnโ€™t find anything that was unique.ย  He didnโ€™t like some of the other shirts I bought for him online because they were too โ€˜genericโ€™.ย  I showed him a few IG posts from Freshly Based and he loved them.ย  I got a mix of hoodies, tees, and shorts and he wears them all the time.ย  Strikes up conversations wherever he goes.ย  10/10 love it!ย  Freshly Based Fam 4 Life!โ€

Chilluminati Member #23

Adria Abughali, Boulder CO

"Fast, fresh, different. Seriously the designs and comedy are so crisp. Meme lords meet drip, I'm definitely all in on Freshly Based. The Finger Fucking one is definitely my favorite...Lolwut?!"

Chilluminati Member #7

Hugh Brockton, Nottingham England

โ€œI checked them out YT and dug the vids.ย  Really funny shit.ย  Finally pulled the trigger on some shirts and they are badass.ย  Definitely going to be grabbing more next check. Good on you blokes!โ€

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