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Freshly Based Mostly Peaceful Podcast is on Apple?!

We hate Apple, but there's a world of normies to wake up out there and we want to help them even If we get a little dirty in the process. Did you ever wonder why their logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it? It's a celebration of the original sin. The MAC 2 computer debuted in the 80's for an MSRP of $666.66, obviously Steve Jobs and Wozniack had some sort of obsession with the dark side. So, here we are venturing into the heart of the digital beast hoping that our stoned, patriotic hammering will reach the hearts and minds of soon to be converted giga-Chads and Chadettes.Β 

We believe in you normies! WAKE UP!

To Listen to Freshly Based on Apple I-Tunes Click Here


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