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Ego Ransom Bio

Lorsh knew how easily humans could be manipulated by propaganda and imagery and thus was born the ultimate propaganda design program, Ego Ransom. ย  Utilizing data collected from the algorithm, program Ego is able to take inspiration from pop culture and put it through the melty, bubbly filter of the Freshly Baked aesthetic. ย  Is it satire?ย  Are they trying to make a strong and ardent political statement?ย  No! ย  Itโ€™s a call to action to join the Ancient Order of the Stoned Masons, get the glass, get the papers, get the vapes and get Freshly Baked every minute of every day left on this God forsaken floating rock. ย  Egoโ€™s original propaganda is available in canvas prints as well as on select apparel and you can only get it at Freshly Baked!

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