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Chief Financial Officer - Father Brain

Father Brain is a great dude, one of my favorites in fact.   He's a little eccentric, but absolutely brilliant thus his name.  Story goes that he was fabricated by an alien race as the masculine aspect of an increasingly ill-tempered, and often agitated female counterpart. No match intellectually however, Father Brain preferred to hang with the likes of Green Voice, who was one of his creators. Green Voice had an affinity for savory herbs and during a powerful ritual where herbs were burned, the computer brain became consumed by smoke and resin.

As the resin seeped into Father Brains circuity, he became autonomous and left his home world to set out on a quest for the most righteous smoking accessories and good times with like minded AI.  That's when he woke up in accounting class and was like "oh shit, yeah... school... fuck..."

Again, that's what we heard around the office...   At the end of the day, this dude makes sure the money goes where it needs to and that we keep that creep Uncle Sam happy.  

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