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Why Freshly Based?

4 Beers 5 Shots and 6 Joints Later...

Freshly Based was founded by four friends who's shared interests amalgamated into a clothing brand focused around these collective passions. We understand that people are not singular in their pursuits and interests. Most people have a myriad of interests that they engage in and our carefully curated collections of apparel reflect this. Our current curation of genres includes: streetwear, comedy, gaming & sports, patriotism, and cannabis.

Our designs range from light hearted to visceral and everywhere in between. We believe that our 1st amendment rights are more important than ever, so we do not hold back when it comes to our designs. With the flagrant and glaring attacks on our first amendment becoming more and more prevalent each day, we feel it's our duty to encourage our brothers and sisters to express themselves, fearlessly. 

Today in America, we are watching our God given inalienable rights become eroded by professionally triggered snowflakes, pay-to-play politicians, and Big Tech oligarchs. One of their fiercest weapons against us is censorship. Since 2012 they have been silencing millions of American voices though online censorship, banning, and by discrediting credible information via compromised 3rd party fact checkers.

By silencing people online and by propagandizing a one sided narrative on all mainstream media platforms, the parasitic elite class has conditioned many good people to be afraid to express what they truly feel. That's their goal, to denigrate you to the point where you are too embarrassed and disheartened to stand up and fight back. Freshly Based exists as a middle finger to the parasitic elites and their mission to silence the American public. We're taking back the symbols that they've perverted and we're taking back the culture. Through dank memes, dope apparel, networking, and 🔥 online content, we're excited for you to join us in our pursuit for freedom and fun! 


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